How did i start and earn the first … money surprise … and How it continues! Money online with Pay to Click. Money-Online-PTC.Com

I am the regular person, working at ITC business, proceeding with the international projects. Earning relatively good, but still not interesting money. I mean i cannot stop working now.

I have heard about Pay to Click business, and as mostly everyone i was skeptical as hell -:] I did some research and it seemed that many people already use this online business to create their additional income.

So my target was to continue at work and get income number 2. I have registered first at NEOBUX not knowing that it is the most trusted, biggest and really interesting site. What i did first? I tried to register twice from one computer.   And i was banned … rules violation. After a few days i have recognized that it was huge mistake and send them email as apology. They accepted it and now it is my the most earning PTC site. The hidden secret with this site is that you can rent the referrals and they click 24/7/365 days and earn money. Sometimes i personally call them workers or peons but they are normal users as me.

And i started to search for another good PTC site, you know one is never enough. My second registration was CLIXSENSE , again, i did not know that it was the second best and large site with 8th level commissions level. I played ClixGrid game, you click on fields in the picture and can potentially win up to 10$, normal users have 30 attempts/day. And one of the biggest surprise with this site was, that i have found in menu OFFERS the videos. Short video clips, just click and earn. It is not necessary to watch the video. The next steps were that i have bought my first Advertise campaign. The best is that you can see from which countries the clickers come. Mostly worldwide but you can limit the Ads only for one country for example. Nice. And my first payment? I sent to PAYPAL 8$ earned after a few days. It was credited to my account within maximum 2 days, maybe earlier.

As you know, after this experience i was not able to stop searching and i have found another 3 interesting PTC sites. For me it was like the search the FBI folders. To find really the trustful and reliable site was not easy.

3rd Site was CashnHits because of one important thing and it was AUTOSURF, simply i started this function and it earns money with clicking and even watching the Ads. Plus there is incredible good Traffic exchange program with great Cool game option.

4th Site was Incentria, Why? I have chosen the site especially for Traffic exchange for my own web pages, but this site has many options how to earn.

The last and the 5th Site was PROBUX, because it is mostly the copy of Neobux, but surprisingly even easier to manage, operate and click on Ads. Mostly the fastest clicking can be done here. And the site offers also renting the referrals, great. I like this site very much and now i wait for my first payment.

This is my current PTC life, i live that, daily manage a few easy clicks on Ads and a little bit time for rented referrals, but nothing else. I always relax a little bit by clicking and the PAYPAL account smiles at me as it receives the real US dollars. For which i can buy for example book on amazon or new watches on ebay. Thank you for reading this and see you next time.