Which Pay To Click sites should i join in the beginning? Which PTC sites are the best to start with? Money-Online-PTC.Com

Which Pay To Click sites should i join in the beginning? Which PTC sites are the best to start with? Money-Online-PTC.Com

 If you plan to start with PTC online business, you probably have the reason. Mostly the reason is to earn additional money in parallel with your current income from regular work.

Please first consider whether you want to invest a small amount in the beginning or not. Small amount i mean maximum 1000$ in total for all sites in the beginning. If not, there is no problem. You can start and earn absolutely free, no investment required. You know what? After some time you will be earning the similar money as the others who invested. The only difference is the TIME. Simply they will start earning reasonable money much earlier.

For some who would like to invest, let’s say, 400$ in total i suggest PTC sites NEOBUX  and PROBUX.

Because here you can rent the referrals and you don’t need to be under stress to gain direct referrals. Normally, price for 100 rented referrals is 20$ for 30 days, but the days can remain longer if you and referrals click regularly. Also these two sites have user friendly interface and understandable rules and terms. Only keep in mind that you cannot immediately rent the referrals, on NEOBUX  you have to wait 15 days and on PROBUX  7 days after registration to be able to rent.

In case that you would like to invest 0$ and still want to have a good chance to earn some dollars, i recommend to join CLIXSENSE and CashnHits. The first one especially because they offer up to 8th level of referrals’ commissions plus you can earn a lot on Offers. Offers mean for example: install helpful application or program. But you can later these apps uninstall without losing the money. The second one i recommend because of Autosurf option. Simply you start Autosurf and one additional window with youtube videos opens. You don’t need to click or do anything manually, it earns automatically. You can switch off the sound and put the new browser window to tray. But it earns anyway. Good option if you cannot click. This Autosurf can run complete day and night. Plus CashnHits  has also really good traffic exchange options and nice Cool game. You can win banner, PTC or text impressions, a lot of them.

Thank you for reading it and see you next time




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