When to become or not someone’s DIRECT REFERRAL on Pay to Click sites. Money-Online-PTC.Com

When to become or not someone’s DIRECT REFERRAL on Pay to Click sites.  Money-Online-PTC.Com

Yeah, i know mostly everyone in this online business [pay to click] would need to have as many as possible direct referrals for free. Apparently in our high competitive world it is not an easy task. The really great profit can be reach without even one direct referral, but only with rented referrals on sites like NEOBUX  and PROBUX. But direct ones can help us to reach our financial targets even faster.  One way is to exchange the direct referral sign up with someone else. For example i register on site 1 and you register under my link on site 2. In this case we will reach really fast our limits. Maybe you can, but i cannot manage 10 or 20 PTC sites. I am fine with maximum 5.

Therefore if you consider joining any new PTC site, ALWAYS first search for the offer from referrer. Which means, never click on banner and finish the registration for free. It is unprofitable decision.

Better is to always get regularly part of your commissions back from your referrer. Sign up bonus is also fine, but it is paid only once and later there is nothing for your activity. I suggest accept the offer for example:  Up to 80% of your commissions paid back every month.  This is good and fair offer. Similar offer you can find on my pages Money-Online-PTC.Com as well.

The calculation is easy:

You as DIRECT referral generate e.g. 4$/Month to your referrer. Normally these people offer nothing back. That’s wrong.

The good offer can differ, but if 80% is paid back, then you will receive from 4$ every month 320 USD Cents to your PAYPAL only for your own activity. Which means that PTC site pays you TWICE. Once you clicked on Ads and second that your referrer sends you back 80% of his income from your clicks.

Be always smart, never become DIRECT referral for free, NEVER! If you want to join my program with fair percentage offer, please visit my site Money-Online-PTC.Com.

Thank you for reading and see you on my side -:]



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